O'Rourke and Perry agree on marijuana laws

The one topic that might bring Democrats and Republicans together: marijuana? Congressman Beto O'rourke agrees with Governor Rick Perry. U.S. Rep. O'Rourke says states should be allowed to change their drug policies.

El Paso's contract with TxDoT requires city to pay, in certain cases

We've learned more about why the city would be required to pay for billboards that can't be relocated, as part of TxDOT road expansion projects in El Paso.

Netflix stock soars 16% on huge subscriber growth

- Netflix's blistering rate of growth continued in the fourth quarter of 2013. More than 2.3 million new American households signed up for the streaming service, its best quarterly performance in three years. 

City Council grants exception for Sam's Club

El Paso City Council Tuesday cleared the legal way for a Sam's Club store to be built within 300 feet of a school. 

New Mexico Senator pushes for recreational marijuana

The New Mexico State Legislative session begins Tuesday and one controversial bill had been already pre-filed.  It's Senate Joint Resolution Bill 10 that was prefiled by State Senator Gerald Ortiz Y Pino. 

New report: Many don't know why denied credit

Despite laws to keep consumers informed about their credit score, many still don't get it. That's the results of a recent survey conducted by credit scoring company Vantagescore Solutions.

Obama to meet with Pope Francis

The White House announced President Obama will meet with Pope Francis for the first time on March 27, 2014.

Recall: Kraft Velveeta Cheesy Skillets Singles

Nearly two million pounds of Kraft Velveeta Cheese Skillet singles are being removed from store shelves. They contain soy, but the label didn't say so and that could be a problem if you're allergic.

New report: Teens need more sleep

The Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics tested the benefits of more sleep for teens at a boarding high school, where it was easy to adjust the start time for the school day.

Hover bikes and laser lights: The sci-fi future of cycling

- Imagine a bicycle that was more than a means to get you to work in the morning, but a personal assistant to boot.

Should you exercise if you are sick?

Regular exercise is good for the immune system helping us fight off simple infections such as colds, but should we continue to work-out when we're sick? Experts say that depends on how sick you are.

Las Cruces Fire Department: Beware of scam

The Las Cruces Fire Department has a warning, they say you could be the target of a scam.  They have learned that someone is calling area residents and asking for donations on behalf of the Las Cruces Fire Department, problem is, it's

Red Cross offers door to door fire safety tips

A house fire can be one of the biggest disasters a family can face and during winter, that threat goes up.  So El Paso Red Cross volunteers are spending their day off helping people come up with a plan.

Best Buy reports disappointing holiday sales

Best Buy reported disappointing holiday sales today (Thursday). The electronics retailer blamed aggressive sales from competitors and supply constraints for tablets and iPhones.

New study: Alcohol cause of nearly 80,000 deaths a year

A new study links alcohol use to early death. The information published by the Journal Addiction found nearly 80-thousand people die as a result of drinking alcohol each year in North and Latin America.