Use HPV tests over Pap tests to find cervical cancer, FDA advisers say

The Pap test, the gold standard for detecting cervical cancer for 60 years, may be losing its luster.

Texas Tech tuition and fees soon go up

March 11, the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents an almost 4% increase in tuition and fees for the 2014-15 academic year. That's about $182.75 for 15 semester credit hours, or $365.50 for a 30-hour academic year.

Apple releases IOS7 update for IPhone, IPad

Apple has released its latest mobile operating system update. IOS seven-point-one packs in an assortment of bug fixes, improvements and new features, including some subtle changes to the overall interface.

General Motors under investigation

General Motors is under investigation by the House, in connection with faulty ignition switches linked to 13 deaths. The hearings will investigate why the automaker and federal regulators had trouble recognizing the defect.

New report: High school students missing out on financial aid

When it comes to paying for college, every dollar counts, but new nationwide research shows that our country's high school seniors are not doing all they can to get the financial aid they might need.

New report: Blood test predicts who would get Alzheimer's

Researchers have found a blood test that could predict the chance a person will develop alzheimer's disease.

Sunland Park Police search for man wanted for aggravated battery

The Sunland Park Police Department is looking for Saul Flores.  They say he lives in the 100 Block of Fielder in Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Wal-Mart cutting smartphone prices

Wal-Mart announced that its Smartphone prices are coming down. The Samsung Galaxy S-4 will now be $49 which is down from $99. Apple's sixteen gigabyte IPhone 5-S will be $119, down from $145 and the 5-C is now $29 down from $45.

Could playing with Barbie limit careers for girls?

Playing with Barbie could limit how girls view their career choices. That's according to an experiment conducted by an Oregon State University researcher.

Cheap Obama mortgages to get pricier

Mortgage rates that were reduced under the government's Home Affordable Modification Program will increase over the next few years. A federal watchdog warns that could cause some borrowers to default on their loans.

50th House vote on Obamacare Wednesday

The House of Representatives is set to vote today (Wednesday) for the 50th time, on a modification to Obamacare. This one would effectively push back the individual mandate by one year, reducing the penalty for not buying insurance to zero.

Texas voters head to polls for Primary Election

It's Primary Election Day in Texas today (Tuesday). Republican Greg Abbott and Democrat Wendy Davis are expected to win their parties' nominations to replace Governor Rick Perry.

Banks scramble to upgrade ATM's

Banks are racing to upgrade their ATM's before they become prime targets for hackers.This has to do with Windows XP.