New report: Pentagon plans to reduce Army forces

The Pentagon is apparently planning to "shrink" the number of soldiers in U.S. Army. According to the New York Times, Defense Secretary Hagel wants to reduce Army forces to their lowest level since before the U.S.

Colleges using new ways to target rich alumni

Be careful what you buy because your alma mater may be tracking you. Some U.S. colleges and universities are using advanced data mining technology to estimate how much alumni can donate.

DEA turns to texting to fight prescription drug abuse

A pharmacy tech who makes $12 an hour but drives a Mercedes. A rumor that a pharmacist may be trading sex for drugs. A prescription note with handwriting that's a little too easy to read.

El Pasoans invited to participate in blood drive this weekend

If you have some extra time this weekend you are invited to roll up your sleeves and help our community.

Mortgage rates on rise again

Mortgage rates are on the rise again.The average rate for a 30-year fixed loan jumped to 4-point-33 percent, according to Freddie Mac.  

DHS dropping license plates database plan

The Department of Homeland Security is dropping the idea of creating a national database of license plates. The idea was to bring in images of license plates scanned by speed cameras, then store them.

NTSB: 'No mechanical problems' in UPS plane crash

Federal investigators are holding a hearing today (Thursday) to examine what may have led to a deadly UPS plane crash last year in Alabama.

Large solar power plant coming to Northeast El Paso

Preparation is under way to build El Paso county's largest power plant.

Don't forget to buy your Powerball Lottery ticket, tonight could be your lucky night

Tonight (Wednesday) is your chance to win 400 million dollars in the powerball jackpot drawing! It's the sixth largest powerball jackpot in history, that is a lump sum that would payout around 230 million dollars.

Breadwinner moms are less happy?

A 2013 Pew Research study said that in four out of ten families with children, the woman is the sole or primary person responsible for bringing home the bacon for their family.

3K Americans renounced citizenship in 2013

Three-thousand Americans renounced their citizenship and gave up their U.S. passports last year. That's triple the average for the previous five years, according to an analysis of government data.

70 naturalized citizens honored on President's Day

A ceremony, Monday, in Central El Paso to honor a group of newly naturalized American citizens.

IRS budget cuts could affect taxpayer

Budget cuts at the IRS could mean less help for you during tax time. USA Today reports the agency is working with fewer employees.  

Monday marks five years since Stimulus Bill became law

Today (Monday) marks five years since The Stimulus Act was signed into law. President Obama signed the bill just weeks after he took office.