New report: Is healthiness a state of mind?

A recent study in "The Canadian Medical Association Journal" found that people age 60 or older who said they enjoyed life less were more likely to develop a disability over an eight year period and a recent review of more than 200 stu

New speaker to be identified for YWCA's Annual Women's Luncheon

Despite notification that the speaker for this year's luncheon will not be able to attend, YWCA leaders said the April 17th event will go on as planned.

Scientists unveil new dinosaur dubbed the 'chicken from hell'

Paleontologists unveiled a new dinosaur and scientists have nicknamed it the "chicken from hell." The new dinosaur's proper name is "Anzu Wyliei."

Amazon to sell streaming video device

Amazon is expected to begin selling a streaming video device next month, that's according to a Wall Street Journal report. Technology news site - techcrunch - suggests the device may also be a game streaming service.

Police find human 'stash house' in Houston

Police said about 100 immigrants were found held against their will at a house in Houston.

Math anxiety could be related to genetics

Do you get nervous at just the sight of an equation, or shudder when someone mentions doing math? Anxiety over math is a real thing for many people and it turns out, our genes may be to blame.

Toyota to settle probe over accelerator issue

Toyota reportedly has agreed to Settle a federal investigation of the automaker's handling of complaints about unintended acceleration. The Justice Department could announce the billion dollar agreement as early as Wedesday.

President Obama will correct a historic injustice Tuesday

President Obama will correct a historic injustice today (Tuesday) awarding the Medal of Honor, the highest possible combat honor, to 24 jewish, hispanic, and african-american veterans.

Warning: Beware of tax season cyberscams

Security experts say tax filing season creates a perfect storm for cyberschemes.

Welcome to Kumano, brush-making capital of Japan

Shin Takemori throws a handful of old brushes onto a fire on a flat stone "altar," where a mound of similar brushes is already ablaze. A dozen people queue behind him, waiting to do the same.

CEMRC detects trace amounts of radiation from WIPP, no danger to public

Scientists at the Carlsbad Environmental Monitoring and Research Center, an entity of New Mexico State University's College of Engineering, have detected trace amounts of the radioactive isotopes americium and plutonium on an air filter fro

Would a healthier concession stand work?

A new study in the "Journal of Public Health" says if concession stands offer healthy foods, they will sell.

March Madness vasectomies

Basketball fans will be glued to their televisions sets this week as March Madness gets underway. Some of those fans will be recuperating from a vasectomy.

Obamacare March Madness push starts Monday

The White House is launching a March Madness push to get people enrolled in Obamacare. President Obama's new campaign begins this week and is tied to the annual basketball bonanza.

Two New Mexico Corrections Officers die in accident

Two New Mexico Corrections Department employees were tragically killed in a car accident on Wednesday, March 12th, 2013.  Officer Noel Reyes, 22, and Jesus Felix, 24, were in San Antonio when the vehicle they were in rolled.