Tech companies hiring more women

Big changes in the technology world, a growing number of women are getting hired. In the past year, the tech industry brought on 60-thousand new workers and 36-thousand are women. That's about 60-percent and it's a huge shift.

Elvis Presley and Graceland IP rights sold

Elvis Presley may have left the building 36 years ago, but the King of Rock and Roll is still a very hot property.

Tuesday World Toilet Day

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 is the first United Nations "World Toilet Day." While often the subject of potty humor, proper sanitation is actually a serious subject and a major global health concern.

Public housing to get facelift

The Housing Authority of the City of El Paso begins a project to fix the public housing that's riddled with cracks, holes and dangerous asbestos.

Caroline Kennedy begins new role as U.S. Ambassador to Japan Monday

Caroline Kennedy begins her new role as the U.S. Ambassador to Japan today (monday). Kennedy is the first woman to serve in the post.

Do you want to plan and design park trail-heads in El Paso? Attend meeting Monday

If you like to bike or hike in the El Paso area you are invited to attend a meeting. The City of El Paso is asking you to participate in the planning and design of trailheads and site improvements around the area.

McDonald's offering fast food in a real hurry

It's fast food in a hurry! McDonald's is adding a third drive-thru window to speed up service. Customer complaints sparked the change. The first window will collect the money and the other two will distribute orders.

Will Victoria Secret have transgender model?

Fans want Carmen Carrera to be Victoria Secret's first transgender model. They've started a petition on change-dot-org.

Good news for video gamers, the wait is over

The wait is over for gamers. For the first time in over seven years new Playstation and Xbox consoles hit stores this month.

New report: More people flying, fewer complaints

If you've noticed full flights lately, you're right!

Create username?

New numbers Wednesday put the official sign up total is just more than 106,000 for the Affordable Care Act across the U.S.  Only 27,000 people signed up through the the federal website. The rest through state exchanges.

Obamacare website won't be fixed by November deadline

There's about two weeks to go before the Obama Administration's November 30th deadline for repairing the problem-plagued healthcare.gov.

Holiday sales start early

Christmas decorations are already decking the halls of stores. Stores say they're doing this because the Christmas shopping season is cut short this year.

Memorial service for LAX TSA officer killed

The TSA officer who died at LAX will be honored in a public memorial service today (Tuesday) in Los Angeles.

Obama to nominate next head of Commodity Futures Trading Commission

President Obama is set to nominate the next head of the commodity futures trading commission this afternoon (Tuesday). A White House official says Obama will nominate Timothy Massad.