Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of El Paso, Texas


Wednesday, Oct 31, 2012 · 12:00 pm


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BASS EL PASO (Bass Anglers Sportsman Society of El Paso, Texas) is a non profit organization dedicated to preserve by all means possible the bass species and its eco systems found throughout the county of El Paso. As members of the society, we are individually committed to such responsibility. Our objective is to ensure bass survival for our own continued enjoyment and that of future generations to come. We no longer feel forced to venture out of our own county in search of this widely recognized prized game fish, but in order to keep and save what little natural resources have been placed before us in this desolate land devoid of natural bodies of water, we must first learn to protect and preserve them. This is why we feel so strongly about catch and release. It is the first step in ensuring the bass species survives. Think of it as an OASIS in the middle of the desert. Perhaps only then, you may see the value in it.

We are now recruiting new membership. If this is something that interests you and you would like to learn more about us, check us out on Facebook under Bass El Paso, or through our website at

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