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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog Without Being Too Pushy

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 - 11:14am

Social media can be the perfect way to publicize your blog. You have a whole network and ready-made platform to promote what you’ve got to say. But how do you find the balance between sharing with your audience and pushing them away?

If you have a marketing degree or any marketing or PR experience, you know how important it is to have relevant content and a fresh way to share material. Over-posting can lead your followers to think that all your care about is your blog hits, and getting your opinion and content read. Eventually, people might get tired of seeing links and posts and simply stop reading or even block them all together.

Here are some simple ways to utilize the strengths of social media without overdoing it.

Post Specific Content. Not everyone is going to like everything you have to say. You can’t always make everyone happy. But you can avoid being boring. If you’ve written and posted a three sentence Haiku on your Tumblr, you might not need to link to it three times on your Facebook so that everyone in your network has a chance to see it. Additionally, you want to write content that plays to your strengths as a writer and an individual. That way when you do post something using social media, people are always excited to read it.

Write Unique Posts. Not only should you try to write great content for your blog that gets your readers excited and is useful for them to read, you can also try to create witty, interesting social media status tags to go along with your links. Instead of “Check Out My Latest Blog”, you can try, “I Tried My Hand At Budgeting – An Excel Love Story” and see what results you get.

Read Other Blogs. Get active in the blogosphere. If you notice other people on Facebook sharing their links, read them and mention something you liked. Comment on their article – but not on every single one. Make it natural. Use the “Like” button. Social media is a two-way street, just like a real like social conversation and you have to give to get. If you want people to be genuinely interested in you, you have to express interest in others.

Use a Scheduling Tool. Marketing people are taking control of social media and creating some great tools that anyone can use. Something like Hootsuite can schedule your social media posts. It’s a great tool, which allows you to manage multiple social media channels all from one place. You can schedule status updates and link postings to appear so you don’t lose track of how many times you’re posting your content or seem pushy about content sharing.

Get Active. Finally, don’t just use your social media site as a place to dump links. Share other thoughts, share other links or photos you find interesting, and comment on the news and happenings around you.

If all this sounds like too much, look hard for advertising agencies in Phoenix to give you a Boost and some more pointers. They may help broaden your horizons and realize you can do more with your blog than you would have thought.

Social media is one of the best ways to share your ideas, your links, and your newest pithy revelation. Using smart techniques and thinking ahead can help you have a balanced social media presence. Use tips that those who have a marketing degree and experience in the field have tried, with results. 


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