Adrienne's Baby Blog: Third of Mothers DO NOT Seek Prenatal Care

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 11:14pm

For me, there's been nothing more magical than listening to that sound...
the beating of my baby's heart.

The ultrasound gave me the chance to see my little one growing and moving.
But there's much more to this magical moment than the amazement over my baby's little kicks, and getting his first pictures printed out...

"It's fun, but it's also a serious thing. We want to measure and make sure the baby is growing appropriately and if it's the right growth," said Beverly Bruner, owner of Desert Imaging.

As I found out, not all moms in the borderland are getting this experience.
The most recent study by the City of El Paso's Health Department, back in 2004, says that only 67 percent of moms here in the borderland are getting prenatal care.
They want that number at 90 percent.

Prenatal care, including ultrasounds, is crucial to having a healthy baby, said Bruner.

"How often would you say ultrasounds help prevent something serious happening to the baby at birth? Say if someone never got prenatal care?" I asked.

"A lot," said Bruner. "You could have a cleft palate and you not know that. That's really important that everyone's on board at the time of delivery."
"If there's gastroschsis, with the stomach's outside, the wall hasn't closed, it's very important that you have a Cesarian and not a vaginal delivery," she said.

So why are moms avoiding the doc in the first place?

Many doctors I spoke with believe it's because many locals can't afford health insurance.
And that means, they can't afford to give kids the care they need.

Did you have a baby without prenatal care? Why didn't you seek prenatal care?
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